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Doja cat life story| doja cat biography

Doja cat life story| doja cat biography

Doja cat life story

Doja Cat was birthed from the Internet with her success on SoundCloud and being a viral sensation with her parody song and video move. But pretty soon into Doja Cat's career, she would realize another side effect of Internet Fame being announced. Book in personality, Doja Cat dealt with the social media reckoning that is cancel culture. Doja Cat's career story has a lot of high highs and some seriously low lows. Doja Cats claim to say maybe her hilarious single about the Eing a cow.

But the 24 year old rapper is actually very serious about her music and skilled at going viral. Her impulsive, somewhat outrageous persona is alluring to many rap audiences as she gives off nostalgic vibes and is sometimes honest to a fault. At the same time, it's Doja Cats laid back attitude and overall irreverence that appeals to her fans.

Doja cat birth

 The real name of doja cat is Amala Andi Bimini.she was born  In 1995 in California, Doja Cat grew up in New York City, the daughter of South African actor Dumisan Dlamini and pain Ed her Deborah Elizabeth Sawyer creativity has clearly always been in her blood.

Her father, a South African actor, producer and composer, was not involved in raising her, but actively comments on her Instagram page, she told Fader, I don't hold grudges against him or anything in any way, but obviously it's a little weird. As a child, she studied piano and took tap, ballet and jazz dance lessons. Around age eleven, she moved with her family to Oak Park, California, and by her teens she was teaching herself to sing and listening to an Election I mix of hip hop, indie rock, R and B and electronic music.

Doja cat childhood

But Doja Cat would soon find out. Her artistic roots felt so strong that she couldn't focus on her day to day life. At age 16, Doja Cat decided that school wasn't for her and dropped out. In her 11th year. She was hoping to pursue music and dance full time, but found that it would take some moments that she calls messy, like hanging out in trap houses to record music. But she described life during that time as. I put 
mattress on the floor. I had a desktop. She would use the built in microphone and download beats off of YouTube to record music and did this for about a year. 

Doja cat carrier

Doja cat life story| doja cat biography

Doja Cat talks about how she had to just make it work during this time, and it didn't take long for her to do so. She quickly found herself with a viral hit with the track So High, which got significant attention on SoundCloud in 2013. The following year, she came to prominence after signing to RCA Records and releasing her debut EP Per.

After this, she released a few singles and collaborations over the next few years, er, but found that nothing was quite sticking. Like her first viral hit, her first fulllength album, Amala, was released in March of 2018, but it wasn't as successful as she had hoped. Doja Kat referenced her work with her RCA team during this time thing. We hadn't really gotten any viral hits or had any hits, period. We were doing okay, but things weren't at their fullest potential, but in August of 2018, things were about to change.

Doja cat  had started to Garner a following on social media for both her music and her no filter personality. She would often go on Instagram live to connect with people and write or improvise music for the viewers. As the story goes, Doja Kat was about to go on live and put on a cow costume. To be funny. Working through some serious writers block in that moment turned out to be nearly impossible, Doja said. I had more serious music to put out. I'd been working on so much other stuff, but once I put the cow costume on, I had to do it.

And her hit single, Mo, was created soon after, Doja Kat decided to make her own on music video for the parody song, using a green sheet photo booth on her Mac computer and that infamous cow costume in what felt like the blink of an eye. Her video went viral, earning over 3 million views in less than a week and now has over 63 million views. And counting. Virality seems to come naturally to Doja Cat.

After all, she was an Internet baby. Her background as a suburban teen who, like many in her generation, spent the majority of her time glued to a computer screen. She's even talked about how she wanted to write memeable music, intention of making Like Me music. But once again, her successes came at a price. This moment of being the trending meme song of 2018 started to backfire. It was a bit of a shock to her fans and the general public when a controversy came out concerning Doja, then a social media reckoning, came for her viral success, and Doja Cat was on her way to being canceled.


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